Mom and I went on an adventure today.  We went to the World of Pets Expo that was held in Timonium, Maryland.  It was our first time going and I was excited.  Timonium is about 45 minutes away but I like riding in the car so no big deal.  When we got off at the exit, our first clue that it may be a tad crowded was the long line of cars waiting to turn into the Maryland State Fairgrounds.  We had to sit through 5 lights to make our turn!  Then, we navigated through a sea of people and pets making their way inside.  After parking (really far away but they had 5 trees along the walking path that I marked so that was cool) we got to the ticket counter.  It cost $10 for an adult ticket but I was free!! When we got inside, Mom just stood there and I think she actually forgot about me for a second.  There was so many dogs and people and vendors and food and a petting zoo and birds and rabbits…it was completely overwhelming.  My sniffer went into immediate overdrive.  Honestly, I didn’t know where to start.  That was answered quickly enough when I turned around and a pug’s butt was right in my face.  You know I gave him a sniff!!  Luckily Mom brought a backpack for essentials but, unluckily for me, FORGOT my stroller.  This would become more of a problem as the day wore on.  I normally love going on a walk in the park.  This was not like that at all.  (Please remember, this is coming from a small dog’s point of view.)  It was actually hard to get around and be able to see everything there was to see.  We were able to move through the crowd much quicker when Mom carried me although she did let me down every now and then. I loved getting to meet so many different kinds of dogs though.  Not one of the dogs was mean or nasty or even growled.  We all just kinda sniffed each other and moved on.  I did meet a small white dog wearing a pink tutu.  I gave her an extra sniff or two when her mom wasn’t looking.  After about an hour or two of walking around and mom carrying me quite a bit, we left.  I did end up with my barking dog toy, a pterodactyl, a chewie of some sort, a light up collar and a new harness.  Pretty good haul I’d say.   Louie has already claimed the pterodactly for himself.  All in all, I had a good time and would definitely go back again.  I slept the entire drive home and didn’t even wake up when Mom stopped at McDonalds!!


This picture was taken as Louie decided he was going to come over and meet my new friend.  I don’t think so!!  I am also wearing my new harness which I love.  And, I got to try it on so I know it fits.  Win Win!!

Mom’s perspective… I enjoyed going as well.  It was really cool seeing all the different dog breeds and just being around so many people that obviously love their pets.  I was upset that I forgot Wushi’s stroller because he is on the bigger end of the scale and I carried him a lot so I wasn’t able to shop as much as I wanted.  I would also recommend bringing some water (although they did have big bowls set out) and also poo bags just in case (of course we had one of those too!!).

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