I like to cycle through my toys.  For a while I was playing with my Kong ring and, let’s not forget, my rubber duckie.  Well, lately, it is all about this snowman.  I love him and I think part of the reason is because I am secretly hoping for snow.  I am sure you guys in the North have had enough but here in the Mid Atlantic I am hoping for just one nice snow.  Around 8 inches would be pretty perfect.  And, if I had my wish it would be the powdery kind (not the snowman making flakes…sorry snowman makers) because with all this hair, I am a walking snowball when I come in from outside.  You may think I am exaggerating but last winter I had so many snowballs on me that I could barely walk. Mom had to melt me in the kitchen sink and I’m pretty sure all the steam I made gave her a quick facial. Snow is just so much fun for dogs.  I like being able to dig in it, stick my face in it, try and fetch snowballs, and leaping through it when it is deep.  And, of course, I enjoy eating it. I forgot to mention how lovely and peaceful everything is as well but that is how Mom feels not me.  Nope…I want to play outside and hopefully get the chance to kick some snow on Louie.  He is not as enamored with the snow as I am. He does his business and goes right back in the house.  I am hoping if I keep snuggling with this snowman, we’ll get some snow!!  Fingers (I mean paws) crossed!!

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