My mom is sneaky.  When she is ready to groom me (preferably while watching #BizarreFoods) she pulls out my soft, black, body pillow and lays me right on top.  This pillow is magical.  As soon as I lay on it, all the tension of my hard and stressful day just leaves my body.


Yesterday I had a bath but I took a nice long walk in the wind so I am a bit knotty.  I normally don’t mind getting my coat brushed out EXCEPT for my back end.  Mom doesn’t know why but for me it is crazy ticklish.  So, I gently keep trying to bite her hand or bite the comb.  I mean, I can’t laugh so I have to do something to express my feelings to her.  I can’t complain though.  Sometimes, she knows I have had enough of the brushing and she’ll stop so we can play ball for a while.  And, if I’m really lucky, when we are done she’ll forget what we were doing and she’ll go do something else!  Now, where is my body pillow??



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