I love to relax.  After a hard day of playing, running, eating and protecting, I think us dogs deserve it.  And, the best kind of relaxing, in my opinion, is laying next to Mom on the sofa while she plays with my hair.  There is nothing better.  I’m all about snuggling in close and getting my massage whenever I can.  I have no shame when it comes to getting a rub down.

Louie, on the other hand, is my polar opposite.  Where I like to be picked up and held close, Louie is going to give you a warning growl.  Where I like to sit close on the sofa and hopefully get a rub down, Louie wants to sleep down by your ankles.  If someone sits down next to me, I’m happy.  If someone sits down next to Louie, well, one of you will be moving on.  Maybe it is his senior age status.  He just doesn’t  like to be bothered with all the loving.  Well, that is not quite right.  He likes to be loved on…when he is ready.


My final funny thing about Louie is that he CANNOT figure out how to play fetch.  I got it pretty early on.  Mom throws ball, I catch it and bring it back to Mom, and she throws it again.  Easy right?  Evidently, not for Louie.  He will bring his ball in the general vicinity of Mom and start shaking and wagging his tail.  Mom says to drop it and he starts backing up all the while whimpering because he wants to play.  Mom slowly extends her hand to try and get the ball and he backs up even further.  Meanwhile, I’m like “give her the dang ball” but he will not do it.  Finally, he drops it (by accident usually) and mom throws it and he runs to get it and you think, ‘he got it” but then he disappears.  That is it.  He is done.  Occasionally, he will take my ball when I am playing fetch with Mom and disappear to his hiding place behind the chair.  It doesn’t really bother me though. I am still hoping to teach him how to play fetch at some point!!

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