So, if you follow me on facebook or instagram you will know that today is “Squirrel Appreciation Day”.  Yes, you heard me right.  I did a little research on this day because I needed to know why squirrels should be appreciated.  I read that on this day we are supposed to put out some extra food or learn something new about the species.  We can also post a favorite squirrel story.  Well, I am racking my brain right now and cannot think of a favorite squirrel story.  Every squirrel story is the exact same.

“I am watching the birds enjoying their breakfast.  All of sudden, a blur of grey.  All the birds fly away and the next thing I know, the squirrely (thank you Dunky!!) is hanging off the feeder.  Well that is it!!  I ring my bell, Mom lets me out (of course this is not done as quietly as I would like) and I race to the feeder.  The squirrely looks right at me and laughs as he runs off to the safety of the woods.  End of story.  Everytime.”

Let’s face it, this wasn’t going to be my favorite day.  Then, after coming in from my morning walk, Mom gave me the “look” while holding my doggie towel.  Great, it’s also bath day!  Normally I have no problem with a bath.  But I think that knowing all the squirrels out there were getting extra food and having great stories told about them left my bath time somewhat lagging.  Maybe next time Mom can plan my bath on “Cats are the Best Pets Ever Day”.

DSC_0001 (2)

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