DSC_0492 (2)

Look what I found today in a basket in Mom’s closet…yep, one of her 20 or so current crocheting projects.  Luckily for me, this one had been relegated to the closet due to a number of mistakes.  I never knew a ball of yarn could be so enjoyable. I was running with it, throwing it around my head, and getting Louie tangled up (that was the best!). By the time Mom found me I had yarn from her bedroom down the hall and into the living room.  I don’t think Mom was that upset with me because it gave her the perfect excuse to not pick up this particular project again.  You see, Mom loves to crochet but isn’t very good with finishing projects.  She gets very excited with all the yarn choices at Michael’s so if she sees yarn that she likes, she will buy it and start a new project.  She is currently working on a a blanket (I think).  I’ll let you know when she starts something new!!

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