I’m a chewer.  This means that Mom needs to keep me knee deep in chew toys.  I have tried them all but I have to say that I like the Kong toys the best in the small size.  They have balls, rings (pictured above) and ones that you can hide treats in.  You can literally chew on them for hours and they look pretty much brand new.  Another thing I like is that when you throw them, they bounce all over the place not just where you expect them to go.  That makes the game so much more fun. This Kong ring is cool because I can hold onto it between my paws and go to town.  Also, Mom can either roll it or throw it…doesn’t matter much to me as long as she is there when I bring it back!  See, I need a lot of these because I tend to chew on anything that is within reach.  For example, chair legs, phone charger cords, puzzle pieces, dryer sheets, fringe on the rug, socks, brushes, mulch, sticks, bed frames, rubber ducks, the pompom on Mom’s hat, etc.  I can always tell when I am chewing on something I shouldn’t…Mom has this amazing ability to pull a dog toy out of nowhere and throw it.  That’s pretty much all it takes.  I completely forget what I was chewing on in the first place.  The only thing Mom hasn’t been able to shake me of is my love of hiding my toy under the sofa and then scratching and barking at it.  I am not even sure how I do it but I get it under just far enough that I can’t get it out on my own.  Luckily, I have a very patient Mom and a very forgiving sofa!!


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