Does this make my butt look big?  That is what I am thinking in this picture.  Again, the sweater, or as I like to call it a half shirt, was on although I honestly don’t know why.  It doesn’t keep me warm at all.  I think Mom likes to put it on just to mix things up.  And the bow.  Why?  I was going for a walk in my own backyard for Pete’s sake not going to the Grammy’s.


See my face here?  Well, Mom was saying “stay” to me over and over and I seriously wanted to tell her that I got this.  Just take the picture!!


This picture is pretty great except for one thing.  My bow doesn’t match my sweater, I mean half shirt.  I know it sounds petty but if you are going to all this work at least use a navy blue bow.


I told you I loved sticks.  This one really made me smile!!


Mom told me this was her favorite and I believe her.

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